In the Green Kingdom, stimulation through the sense of taste
has become a powerful and complex art form that rules the lives
of the males--the phrils. Not only does it bring pleasure,
it can change a phril's destiny, even guiding him into death and beyond
if he can afford the services of the artists called Recipears.

costi gurgu
RecipeArium Cover

In the world within the huge body of a monstrous beast,
the Recipears are the ones ruling the society.
Carrying the soul of his RecipeArium master, within him,
Morminiu comes to the Royal Court with two objectives–
to exact revenge on his master’s enemies
and to win for himself the most desired
and treacherous position in the realm:
Master Recipear of the Kingdom.

costi gurgu

When the corrosion touches your flesh
and fear gnaws at your soul,
there’s only one thing left for you.
You can read “Corrosion” in the anthology “Water”
edited by Nina Munteanu for Reality Skimming Press.

costi gurgu

Look what I just got in the mail! No, not water.
But the “Water (Optimistic Sci-Fi Stories)” Anthology
edited by Nina Munteanu for Reality Skimming Press.
The “Water” Anthology where you can find my story “Corrosion”!

costi gurgu

This is the online home of Costi Gurgu, writer of fantasy and science fiction (and the occasional horror piece). His novel RecipeArium, out now from White Cat Publications (published in Romania by Tritonic), has won the Nemira, Vladimir Colin and Atelier Kult Awards. Costi has further developed the RecipeArium world in a series of short stories such as Secret Recipes, published in the Tesseracts 17 anthology, EDGE SF&F Publishing.

You can buy now RecipeArium from White Cat Publications, Bakka Phoenix Books, Amazon, Indigo, Barnes&Nobles and all the other respectable venues.

His short fiction has appeared in several venues, such as Playboy, Tesseracts, The Mammoth Book of Dieselpunk, Ages of Wonder, Dark Horizons, Street Magick, Hologram Tales, Jurnalul SF, Anticipatia, Art Panorama, and many other anthologies and magazines from Europe and North America.

Costi lives in Toronto, Canada, where he works as an art director and illustrator. He has a strong interest in visual arts and exercised it in Europe as the art director of several life-style and fashion magazines, as well as a publishing house.

A more extensive biography is available here, and a list of his fiction and other literary interests can be found here.


RECIPEARIUM-final cover RecipeArium Cover (Art by Costi Gurgu // Design by Scott Wilson)

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