"Costi Gurgu breaks through into the English-language market
with RECIPEARIUM, a brilliant, haunting tale.
Move over China Miéville — this is the new new weird,
a fabulous book with a distinctive, compelling voice."

Hugo Award-winning author of FlashForward

costi gurgu
Cosmobotica by Costi Gurgu and Tony Pi

Cosmobotica is a FINALIST for the Aurora Awards!
"This suspenseful, action-packed story pinned me to
my chair and wouldn’t let me up until I reached the end.”
Marion Deeds in fantasyliterature.com

costi gurgu

I am delighted to announce that one of my designs
have been mentioned in the New York Times by
the one and only Margaret Atwood. Her opinion was that:
“Water Is…,” this beautifully designed book”.

costi gurgu

My decade in Canada allowed me to discover a lot of
misconceptions, omissions and twisted truths held by
North American readers about European speculative fiction.
Let me tell you a story about me and the world I grew up in.

costi gurgu

This is the online home of Costi Gurgu, writer of fantasy and science fiction (and the occasional horror piece). His upcoming novel Recipearium at White Cat Publications (published in Romania by Tritonic) has won the Nemira, Vladimir Colin and Atelier Kult Awards. Costi has further developed the Recipearium world in a series of short stories such as Secret Recipes, published in the Tesseracts 17 anthology, EDGE SF&F Publishing.

His short fiction has appeared in several venues, such as Playboy, Tesseracts, The Mammoth Book of Dieselpunk, Ages of Wonder, Hologram Tales, Jurnalul SF, Anticipatia, Art Panorama, and many other anthologies and magazines from Europe and North America.

Costi lives in Toronto, Canada, where he works as an art director and illustrator. He has a strong interest in visual arts and exercised it in Europe as the art director of several life style and fashion magazines, as well as a publishing house.

A more extensive biography is available here, and a list of his fiction and other literary interests can be found here.

You can find me here:

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