Shall we define what “huge” means? I don’t think it matters. So…

Great night, last night at the ChiSeries. Meeting with friends (special hello to Nancy Baker, Peter Halasz, Rebecca Simkin, David Clink, Tanya, Jade Haemon, Emanuel Grigoras, Claudiu Murgan, and special thanks to Vali for support and photos) and finally shaking hands with Michael Rowe outside Facebook. Was wonderful listening to the spectacular readings of Robert Priest and Noah Wareness. But the best moment of the night was getting paid to read from RecipeArium!

I’ve got paid to read only twice before, when doing the book tour with my former literary agent Dan-Silviu Boerescu, in Romania. And it’s a pretty awesome feeling.

Once again, lots of thanks to Sandra Kasturi and Brett Savory for this invitation.

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