“All roads lead to Ottawa” — That’s an expression. I didn’t say it. I’m merely quoting Cesar and that makes one wonder: How did he know about Ottawa?

I was twelve when a gypsy woman asked me for money. It was in the ancient Ionian port of Tomis. “I don’t have any,” I told her and she laughed. “You have money in your back pocket,” she said. It was true—my aunt just sent me to buy bread and I had a bill of five lei. Mind blowing—how did she know? “I have to buy bread…” “Don’t worry,” she said, “this time I’m going to tell you something for free.”

“You don’t have to,” I tried to step away, already frightened by the prospect of dealing with a gypsy fortune teller. “Do you want to know when are you going to die?” she ignored my plea. “No!” I said. “Please, don’t.” “All right,” she agreed. “Then let me tell you this: your roads will take you to a city of stone many times. You will know great success in this city. It is called something like…” she hesitated, “like Oh-tray?” I ran from her scared and forgot all about that meeting.

Until today, when writing about my schedule at CanCon, in Ottawa, I remembered and made the connection. You see, in Romanian “tray” is translated as “tava”. So, “Oh-tava” sounds very much like… Ottawa. And lately, it seems I keep returning to Ottawa for one reason or another. All reasons though connected to my writing.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about my schedule at CanCon. This is all about CanCon.

So, I’ll be very, very, very busy on Saturday, the 14th. It looks like the CanCon organizers didn’t have any other panelists and put me on each and every panel, sometimes two or three at the same time. “It will be like simultaneous chess for you,” they said. Ha!

It will all start on Saturday, at 10 AM, in the ConSuite, together with Julie Czerneda and Vali, where I’ll be launching my latest novel “RecipeArium”. Join me for drinks, food, reading and some words at the beginning. Maybe a prize or two…

My book will be for sale in the Dealers’ Room. Look for the RecipeArium poster.

Lunch break. Coffee. A drink or two with friends. Coffee again.

Then this tour de force will continue with the panel “The Many Angles of Scriptwriting” where I’m the moderator. This panel will take place in Salon D, from 4 PM. My esteemed co-panelists are Jack Briglio, Tanya Huff, Jay Odjick and Lynn Tarzwell.

Then drinking, eating, drinking and back to parties. It will be an exhausting convention.

Hope to see you there.

RECIPEARIUM-final cover